Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Gorge in flood Sept 2005

Gorge flood Sept 1 05 002, originally uploaded by FranW.

My heart is in my mouth even on days the river is calm.

The Gorge in flood Sept 2005

Gorge flood Sept 1 05 005, originally uploaded by FranW.

The river is quite fierce on these occasions and right across from here were some hardy (or foolish) rockclimbers from an activity group at Launceston College, 200 m down the road. They are so lucky too!

The Gorge in flood Sept 2005

Gorge flood Sept 1 05 026, originally uploaded by FranW.

The Gorge is an integral part of Launceston, right in the middle of town and I am fortunate that I drive over the bridge many times daily. The South Esk River is once again in flood and it's a wonderful sight. I don't have any current photos so here are some from 2 years ago. This is the Gorge Cottage built for the gatekeeper. It's now accomodation for popel who participate in the Launceston Artists in Residence Program run by our local council. I can just walk down hill and then along the Gorge walking track to see all of this, I am so lucky!

We have several Blocks of the Month on offer. "Leanne's House" by Leanne Beasley has been very popular for several years. We offer starter kits which have 12 fat eighths (26 x 56cm), 10 threads, the seeded muslin for all embroidery and pattern #1 for $70. The rest of the 9 monthly patterns are $16.50 each.

Day Two !

I dreamt of Blogs last night feeling very frustrated that I didn't have a speedy computer (too many kids up late I reckon). I also didn't have up-to-date photos and prices to use. That will be rectified this weekend and I can show new fabrics, quilts and maybe a picture of the partners if they're not too shy!

First post!!!

This will be an infrequent post to share new product, reintroduce old favourites and tell you all of the news happening at The Quilt Patch.